VPS-Virtual Private Servers

VPS, or Virtual Private Server is your private server with its own IP address and its own settings for any application. VPS technology divides the great server into several logical virtual servers, each of which is separated from each other and therefore is private. You are independent of other users of the server. Your page opens with the guaranteed speed.

In VPS you get access to the root account, you are able to modify the server configuration, or you can install more advanced software and additional modules, what could You be missing when having a (shared) hosting account..

VPS is good for larger sites, shops or blogs, where there are rising needs for greater security and traffic.

By purchasing a virtual private server you get security, the freedom of a dedicated server, and environment which is isolated from others, but at a lower price than in the case of a dedicated server.

A virtual private server is the perfect station between a shared hosting and a dedicated server. It allows you to start an Internet business in small steps.. With us you can – without the additional cost of the installation – go from VPS to dedicated server. We offer our clients three fine packages: VPS Bronze, VPS Silver i VPS Gold.

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