Dediserv dedicated servers

Our dedicated servers are located in two major data centers: Evoswitch in the Netherlands and Equinix in Germany. A small part of the dedicated servers located in other data centers, mainly in Germany.

Dedicated servers provided by Dediserv are professional, enterprise-class servers. Our offer is distinguished dedicated 100 mbps unlimited bandwidth packages at rates much lower than at our competitors

Our dedicated servers are designed and configured based on years of experience and on cooperation with demanding companies in the world. Thanks to this, they meet the needs of even the most demanding companies.

Our dedicated servers are high-class equipment from reliable, reputable suppliers such as Hewlett-Packard and Dell. High performance and computing power are ensured by Intel Xeon processors. Random –access memory of 16GB of RAM- and mass storage memory based on high performance SAS drives guarantees high performance.

Individual 100mbps dedicated connection and unlimited bandwidth allow a quick access and sharing of large amounts of data in short time. Dedicated link is a guarantee that you get full bandwidth only for your server. You do not share it with others.

To see all of our dedicated server packages: press the button “All dedicated servers”. To see the Dutch dedicated server packages press on “Evoswitch – Netherlands” to see the German dedicated server packages please press on the “Equinix – Germany”.

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