Data backup and recovery

Dediserv provides following backup packages:

Backup size Price/monthly
R1Soft 100GB 20 € Order now
R1Soft 250GB 35 € Order now
R1Soft 500GB 60 € Order now
R1Soft 1000GB 99 € Order now

Dediserv provides reliable and affordable backup and storage solutions with enterprise-strength functionality. We have chosen R1Soft with its advanced data backup and restoral solutions and its ease of installation and management. Dediserv customers gain near-continuous disk-to-disk data protection and restoration with minimum impact on server performance.

The data to be protected, are packaged and encrypted on client’s computer, and then uploaded to a backup server in a completely separate, safe data center via a secure SSL protocol, just like in  online banking.

Dediserv strongly recommends to back up your dedicated server and thus  safeguard your business-critical information, your server configuration and development investment.
Our above backup  packages are available both as an addition to our dedicated servers as well as a standalone product.

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